Definition of circularize in US English:


(British circularise)


[with object]
  • 1Distribute a large number of letters, leaflets, or questionnaires to (a group of people) in order to advertise something or canvas opinion.

    ‘they circularize prospective purchasers at regular intervals’
    • ‘In January 1999, the general secretary circularised regions stating that the campaign was in breach of rules.’
    • ‘Companies, firms, businesses and individuals have been circularised and may contact any of the following regarding sponsorship and/or entries.’
    • ‘In the event, only a few of these reports were completed and circularized to the committee.’
    • ‘Shareholders in the company were thereafter circularised with the proposals.’
    • ‘We have circularised here a proposal to allow the prime minister a one-and-a-half day week.’
    • ‘The factors highlighted in this paper which influence local inflation will be fully circularised over the next few months.’
    • ‘They only realised the full implications of the story when they were forwarded the e-mail that had been circularised to the national media.’
    • ‘A questionnaire will be circularised shortly to help with the planning of a think tank.’
    • ‘This is a document which we sent to the Court after the draft was circularised.’
    • ‘Some customers locally have been given notice of the impending closure, but not all houses appear to have been circularised as yet.’
    • ‘At the same time he persuaded the Committee to circularize popular societies warning them not to fan superstition and fanaticism by persecution.’
    • ‘The following morning Costello circularised clubs seeking nominations for the post.’
    • ‘The dissenters circularized all shareholders the following week to warn them about the new resolution.’
    • ‘He communicated with shareholders, both by circularizing them and by his detailed interventions at shareholders' meetings.’
  • 2Biochemistry
    Make (a stretch of DNA) into a circular loop.

    • ‘Genomic DNA was digested with HindIII and circularized by ligation.’
    • ‘The digested DNA was circularized by self-ligation.’
    • ‘The plasmid DNA was then circularized with ligase and used to transform E. coli.’
    • ‘Because intact lambda DNA has cohesive ends that can circularize, samples were heated to 65°C for 5 min and then cooled in ice to eliminate this possibility.’
    • ‘Upon injection into the cell, the cohesive ends anneal and are ligated, circularizing the chromosome.’