Definition of cinerarium in US English:



  • A place where the ashes of the cremated dead are kept.

    • ‘Nostell has three Roman cinerariums - elaborately carved marble boxes for storing the ashes of the deceased.’
    • ‘It is a cinerarium created for the use of the families of St. Andrew's.’
    • ‘The 1 p.m. ceremony will be held at the cinerarium on Laney Walker Boulevard.’
    • ‘This Roman cinerarium was collected as part of a larger collection of antiquities.’
    • ‘In order to raise money to build a nine-storey cinerarium tower, Kui began to take advance bookings for urn compartments.’
    • ‘And in many Korean dioceses the cinerarium has started to edge out traditional cemeteries.’


Late 19th century: from late Latin, neuter (used as a noun) of cinerarius ‘of ashes’.