Definition of cineraria in US English:



  • A plant of the daisy family with compact masses of bright flowers, often cultivated as a houseplant.

    Genus Pericallis (formerly Senecio or Cineraria), family Compositae

    • ‘In zones 15-17, you can also plant cineraria, nemesia, and schizanthus.’
    • ‘In coastal areas, set out bedding begonias and cinerarias.’
    • ‘In mild-winter climates, you can put the azaleas, cineraria, and hydrangea outdoors after the holidays.’
    • ‘Blue is a harder colour to find in the winter garden but appears in iris, cinerarias, pansies and violas.’


Modern Latin, feminine of Latin cinerarius ‘of ashes’, from cinis, ciner- ‘ashes’ (because of the ash-colored down on the leaves).