Definition of cinephile in US English:



  • A person who is fond of motion pictures.

    • ‘These works were a crucial part of many cinephiles ' introduction to the art of film.’
    • ‘It's not unusual for a movie to incite a buzz among cinephiles.’
    • ‘She wanted to see Mullholand Drive, as did I, but the start time was too late for we aging cinephiles.’
    • ‘Growing up in the slums of Hong Kong, he became an avid cinephile, particularly interested in European, American and Japanese cinema.’
    • ‘I look forward to this film eagerly, as do most cinephiles.’
    • ‘For many cinephiles, the picture is a frustratingly ignored gem.’
    • ‘He's already become a formidable, almost mythical figure to many hardcore cinephiles and critics, the kind of filmmaker who gets described in magical, visionary terms.’
    • ‘We had just come from one of our lunches, meetings filled with the argumentative yet respectful conversation of committed cinephiles.’
    • ‘For cinephiles and would-be film-makers, Coppola's directorial debut makes for an excellent reference point and source of ideas.’
    • ‘He repeatedly heard the complaint from cinephiles that there are no serious, adult dramas on studio schedules.’
    • ‘Critics who are truly cinephiles, I believe, often champion extremes.’
    • ‘With the end of the summer blockbuster season, it's once again safe for thinking cinephiles to begin making their way back into the theaters.’
    • ‘This article has simply attempted to encourage cinephiles to seek out these beautiful films.’
    • ‘I commend Zizek for being one of the great cinephiles among the upper echelon of today's intelligentsia.’
    • ‘In the mind of the cinephile, three packed screens of Argentinean ennui at the local multiplex would be paradise.’
    • ‘It is not an exaggeration to say that for several generations of film-makers and cinephiles, Bergman practically defined cinema.’
    • ‘The film is narrated through the eyes of the young cinephile, Toto, and Toto's world is the world of film.’
    • ‘I have always intuitively felt that, as it is for so many cinephiles, my relationship to film has deeply affected the way I see and know the world.’
    • ‘Each piece discussed the ways in which we read images and documentaries, from our perspective as cinephiles.’
    • ‘We might also regard the cinephile who seeks to view or ‘collect’ the maximum number of films possible as a variant of the film historian.’