Definition of cinematography in US English:



  • The art of making motion pictures.

    ‘home movie footage with superb cinematography’
    • ‘I believe the cinematography in the film is some of the finest I've seen in years.’
    • ‘I was ecstatic because I will learn all aspects of film making such as directing, editing and cinematography.’
    • ‘Neither the cinematography nor costume designs will make any impression on you.’
    • ‘The cinematography is beautiful and it's shot like a nature documentary.’
    • ‘Be it ad photography or cinematography, he works with equal zeal.’
    • ‘The excellent DVD transfer brings out the richness of the cinematography in all its black and white glory.’
    • ‘The cinematography in the film just made you feel like you were a part of the action.’
    • ‘I was involved with some of the cinematography, but our task was to direct.’
    • ‘Not only was he the film's director and producer, but he was also responsible for the cinematography.’
    • ‘The cinematography and editing are both inventive, too.’
    • ‘It's a pity that he ruins his otherwise commendable film with some extremely lousy cinematography.’
    • ‘The film looks beautiful with striking cinematography, bolstered by some excellent choices of locations.’
    • ‘You are not only involved in the cinematography but also in the re-writing of the story as you shoot.’
    • ‘This is enhanced by languid cinematography, capturing scenes of the countryside and the small town in exquisite detail.’
    • ‘As a debut effort, the film is worthy of note and the cinematography is, at times, beautiful.’
    • ‘Music, cinematography, and direction all work in unison, creating a sequence of terrible beauty.’
    • ‘A great cast did total justice to the wonderful screenplay, captivating cinematography and strong direction.’
    • ‘I have been contacted by several foreign directors asking me if I want to do the cinematography for their films.’
    • ‘I loved the acting, the writing, the cinematography, the humor, and even the theme song.’
    • ‘The cinematography, editing and soundtrack are, at least, competent.’
    • ‘The cinematography in Rivette's films is driven by his fascination with visual texture.’
    • ‘The cinematography is luminous, the soundtrack is superb - an excellent film all around.’
    • ‘The soundtrack by Michael Storey is as lush as the cinematography and as nuanced as the performances.’
    • ‘But the performers are expressive, and the cinematography is absolutely gorgeous.’
    • ‘This is a rare motion picture that would be worth seeing for the cinematography alone.’
    • ‘The cinematography captures every freezing detail of Lake Tahoe's cold, clear water and crisp blue mountain skies.’
    • ‘The cinematography and framing are both graceful and purposeful, lending a real gravity to certain scenes.’
    • ‘The photography / cinematography was to a large extent a product of its time, constrained by primitive technology.’
    • ‘I have to admit the cinematography is stunning, and it's the film's only asset.’
    • ‘The screen music, too, has dreamy and hypnotic qualities to mirror the cinematography.’
    • ‘It's no wonder that the movie won a cinematography prize at the Sundance Film Festival.’
    • ‘Who can forget David Lean's wintry cinematography in the film Dr Zhivago?’
    • ‘Recently, however, she had been very fascinated by photography and cinematography.’
    • ‘It's well filmed, too, the cinematography never getting in the way of the performances.’
    • ‘From there she went to the National Film and Television School, specialising in cinematography and direction.’
    • ‘I thought the cinematography was breathtaking; it enhanced the film so much.’
    • ‘As a piece of film-making it's first class, with wonderful cinematography and acting.’
    • ‘The film is shot in an authentic manner, with the cinematography bleak and dark, much like its setting.’
    • ‘For the rich cinematography of Bernardo Bertolucci or the seismic shocks of Star Wars, your local cinema was once the only place to go.’
    • ‘Emile is the final part of the trilogy and boasts impressive cinematography and well crafted scenes.’