Definition of cinematographer in US English:



  • A person who oversees or directs photography and camerawork in movie-making, especially one who operates the camera.

    ‘the film has been shot by an award-winning cinematographer’
    ‘a crew of daredevil underwater cinematographers’
    • ‘All three films share the same cinematographer.’
    • ‘He nodded as Post rushed back to talk to his cinematographer.’
    • ‘He has paired up with a new cinematographer that seems to think on equal creative plains.’
    • ‘I brought in footage from the same period done by the same cinematographer, and then I added some new footage.’
    • ‘No offense to your cinematographer, but he's a stills photographer and you expect him to get up and use a movie camera.’
    • ‘The hardest thing when you make a short film is that you don't know a cinematographer who happens to be married to your sister.’
    • ‘His goal was always to become a cinematographer rather than a writer or director.’
    • ‘His training as a cinematographer is evident in his composition, and the film itself is more style than substance.’
    • ‘This documentary took four years to produce, using more than a dozen cinematographers filming on every continent of the planet.’
    • ‘The veteran cinematographer is making his directorial debut.’