Definition of cinematize in US English:


(British cinematise)


[with object]
  • Adapt (a play, story, etc.) to the cinema; make a movie of.

    • ‘It suddenly occurs to me that Bergman cinematizes what it's like to read a good novel.’
    • ‘Twenty years after cinematizing Women in Love, Ken Russell returns to the questing eroticism of D.H. Lawrence.’
    • ‘Much of this journey consists of cinematized thought and self-investigation.’
    • ‘The difficulty in cinematizing these books is that their plots are actually fairly thin.’
    • ‘He was expert in cinematizing the plays of Neil Simon.’
    • ‘In October, he'll star in the cinematized version of the story.’
    • ‘Reactions to the films depend on an audience's ‘general readiness to deal with cinematized versions of a national tragedy,’ the professor said.’
    • ‘Fairbanks' silent action flick, cinematizing McCulley's story with clever verve and humor, set the style and plot for most of the screenplays to follow.’
    • ‘The director of Daredevil cinematizes the long-running Marvel Comics series.’
    • ‘I applaud Hollywood's efforts at cinematizing the Marvel pantheon, but I must say they have, as a rule, left me cold.’
    • ‘The legendary shootout at the O.K. Corral is perhaps the best-known gun battle in the highly publicized and cinematized history of the Wild West.’