Definition of churro in US English:



  • A sweet snack consisting of a strip of fried dough dusted with sugar or cinnamon.

    • ‘Paul Gayler's excellent Mediterranean Cook is divided regionally and has some good unusual dishes like vegetarian meze, churros, gaufrette and tian.’
    • ‘The Skyshow is basically a lot of fireworks with people sitting around in a park on blankets with chips and churros.’
    • ‘It is only five hours since everyone got to bed but a group of friends are in a Madrid cafe eating churros and drinking coffee - carbohydrate and caffeine.’
    • ‘We sat in the grass beside the water and talked, and attempted to stop Kasyan from tossing pieces of churro to the birds that pecked along the water's edge.’
    • ‘Minimal approaches to breakfast include croissants and café au lait in France, chocolate and churros in Spain, and many variations on the bowl of muesli theme for those who think that cereal, nuts, and dried fruit are a key to good health.’
    • ‘A palate-cleanser of Earl Grey jelly and orange sorbet paved the way for a wonderful pudding of roasted figs in mulled wine, homemade yoghurt and churros.’
    • ‘It was Wong, eating a churro in the middle of the hallway - blatantly disobeying the no food outside the cafeteria rule.’
    • ‘I sit on the terrace in the Plaza Mayor, devouring buttery tostadas con mermelada and the local churros - tubular donuts designed to make you feel all warm and continental inside.’
    • ‘No one has the money Pato's parents need and so they decide the logical solution is to set up their churro making equipment in the front room.’
    • ‘A churro's ridged and sugared tubing is a crispy conduit for oozing chocolate.’
    • ‘Chocolate churros for dessert and you're loving life’
    • ‘The outdoor cafes provide the ideal setting to enjoy the perfect summer weather over card con leche, tapas, and churros con chocolate for dessert.’
    • ‘We try the churros, a delectable Mexican pastry that's just the slightest bit crispy on the outside and almost custard-like on the inside, all rolled in cinnamon sugar.’
    • ‘I suppose the huge bag of churros and chocolate sauce hastened my downward spiral.’
    • ‘He moved to work at Utah State University in Logan (where he remains a professor of animal science) but spent his free time tracking down churros.’


Spanish, of uncertain origin; perhaps related to churro ‘coarse, rough’.