Definition of churlishly in US English:



  • See churlish

    • ‘Houllier lamented, somewhat churlishly: ‘Referees get you the sack in this game, not players.’’
    • ‘With a few heartwarming exceptions, these workers are churlishly protective of their narrow self-interest.’
    • ‘The King, although granting Chardin a pension, churlishly bundled Chardin's pictures, which now grace the walls of the Louvre, into a cupboard at Versailles.’
    • ‘We had got so used to cheerful faces that it was quite a shock when a guide at the Grand Palace replied churlishly when we asked him a question.’
    • ‘In one of those games, against Boston in '04, he churlishly knocked the ball out of an opponent's grasp.’