Definition of churchyard in US English:



  • An enclosed area surrounding a church, especially as used for burials.

    • ‘While in Yorkshire she continued her research, visiting churchyards, inspecting parish records and looking up archives, and collating the mass of information she gathered with the intention of publishing it.’
    • ‘This book on the subject of Dublin's burial grounds and graveyards records in much detail many of the city's forgotten churchyards and cemeteries.’
    • ‘I don't know what the statistics are, but a large proportion of people are buried in churchyards in cemeteries, and even, these days, in some other sites in the country.’
    • ‘Some churchyards still have small cemeteries.’
    • ‘It was never a formal or tidy place, the very opposite of our municipal cemeteries and more like an unkempt churchyard.’
    • ‘The woman continued walking along the alley and into the churchyard at St John's Church, Great Clacton.’
    • ‘Today, on the Sunday closest to what used to be called Armistice Day, thousands will gather around war memorials, in country churchyards and civic centres to remember the dead of armed conflicts since 1914.’
    • ‘The churchyard is not enclosed and is used as a main route through the town centre.’
    • ‘Although located on the edge of town and managed by a municipality rather than a religious body, Church Street Graveyard bore many similarities to traditional New England churchyards.’
    • ‘Having looked in the local churchyards and cemeteries, I can find no trace of any Jacksons.’
    • ‘Funerals are held in churches, and burials are in churchyards or public cemeteries.’
    • ‘The Cemetery of the Year competition is open to all British cemeteries, burial grounds, churchyards or crematoriums.’
    • ‘The panel was unveiled in the churchyard following a special service at the parish church.’
    • ‘The council maintains 11 parks and recreation grounds, six cemeteries and churchyards, 41 play areas and various open space sites.’
    • ‘Children have put the first days of the summer holidays to good use by recording details of gravestones in the churchyard.’
    • ‘There were an estimated 80,000 graves in the churchyard dating back to the early 1700s.’
    • ‘More than half the burials in the churchyard have taken place in the last 20 years.’
    • ‘Historically, burial was the responsibility of the established church, and was provided for in churchyards adjacent to parish churches.’
    • ‘Incidents of petty vandalism are rising at the church, and there have been fights in the churchyard.’
    • ‘As with many former churches, the surrounding churchyard is not included in the sale.’
    graveyard, cemetery, necropolis, burial ground, burial place, burying place, burying ground, garden of remembrance
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