Definition of chugger in US English:



derogatory, informal
  • A person who approaches passersby in the street to solicit donations to a particular charity.

    ‘when you have chuggers outside your shop, people just cross the road’
    • ‘It's the televisual equivalent of the chuggers who hang round Liverpool Street station - it makes me walk to the other side of the road to avoid them.’
    • ‘She said no chuggers had been in Tooting since January, but claimed the PFRA had received no complaints there.’
    • ‘The Kensington High Street rag reckons chuggers—paid workers who stop you in the street and persuade you to give over your bank details for charity—are well on their way out.’
    • ‘And then a little while ago I had a chugger at my door.’
    • ‘I pass four Shelter chuggers, my do-not-approach aura clearly on the fritz as two of them tried their circus-style freakshow beckoning tactics on me.’


Early 21st century: blend of charity and mugger.