Definition of chufa in US English:



  • 1An Old World sedge that yields an edible tuber. It is cultivated on a small scale, particularly in some marshy regions of Spain and Italy.

    Cyperus esculentus variety sativus, family Cyperaceae

    Also called earth almond
    • ‘Wild turkeys will destroy a food plot containing chufas if the grazing pressure is too high.’
    • ‘The entire 350-acre farm, where the elder Wilkerson grew peanuts, corn and soybeans, and his sons now grow chufa, a specialty wildlife seed crop, will be the preserve.’
    • ‘And because of their hardy nature, a plot of chufas will last for years in poor soil as well as fertilized fields.’
    • ‘Today he has six chufa plots and credits chufas with holding more birds on his land.’
    1. 1.1 The tuber of the chufa plant, which may be roasted, made into flour, or turned into juice.
      • ‘Spain's contemporary version of the ancient refreshments barley-water or almond-water is made from the tuber chufa and is called horchata.’
      • ‘Archaeologists have even found vases of chufas in the tombs of Pharaohs.’
      • ‘Horchata de chufas is a traditional drink based on the juice obtained from mashed chufas (tiger nuts).’
      • ‘You should be able to dig under the dead tops and find some chufas on the roots if they produced.’
      • ‘Now put the chufas in a blender until they turn into a soft paste.’


Mid 19th century: from Spanish.