Definition of chrysoberyl in US English:



  • A greenish or yellowish-green mineral consisting of an oxide of beryllium and aluminum. It occurs as tabular crystals, sometimes of gem quality.

    • ‘Beryllium, another valuable metal associated with the deposits, occurs in a wide variety of minerals, including beryl, chrysoberyl, helvite, phenakite, bavenite, and others.’
    • ‘A fine greenish-yellow chrysoberyl is currently being found in the gem gravels of the Songea / Tunduru region.’
    • ‘There's also another gem called chrysoberyl that's really durable and has a higher refractive index than other gems so it throws flashes of color much like a diamond.’
    • ‘Reflection of light from parallel inclusions or a fibrous structure, known as chatoyancy, is shown best by the cat's-eye variety of chrysoberyl.’
    • ‘Alexandrite, an amazing variety of chrysoberyl, changes color in different types of light.’


Mid 17th century: from Latin chrysoberyllus, from Greek khrusos ‘gold’ + bērullos ‘beryl’.