Definition of chronostratigraphy in US English:



  • The branch of geology concerned with establishing the absolute ages of strata.

    • ‘In terms of regional chronostratigraphy of European Russia and Ukraine, this level is correlated with the Tsninian substage (or lower Kashirian substage) of the lower Moscovian stage, as defined primarily in the Moscow Basin.’
    • ‘Stratigraphy, then, was originally concerned with rocks, that is, lithostratigraphy; it soon afterwards included the ranges of fossils throughout the successions, biostratigraphy; and the more abstract chronostratigraphy.’
    • ‘This unique succession of ammonoid assemblages allows unequivocal recognition of European substage-level chronostratigraphy across the mid-Carboniferous boundary interval in North America for the first time.’
    • ‘These are set against the standard British Ordovician chronostratigraphy of Fortey et aL with the series boundaries calibrated as closely as possible to the chronometric timescale.’
    • ‘A tentative correlation with a Tethyan reference carbon-isotope curve allows the provisional application of stage-level chronostratigraphy to the Wealden Group.’