Definition of chronostratigraphic in US English:



  • See chronostratigraphy

    • ‘Biostratigraphic analysis of sediments provided detailed chronostratigraphic and palaeoenvironmental constraints on the geophysical framework.’
    • ‘Spectral gamma-ray logs provide additional data on lithological composition that can aid identification of chronostratigraphic surfaces in a high-resolution sequence stratigraphic correlation framework.’
    • ‘The Thera and Aegean World III conference in 1990 concluded that there was a need for accurate characterization of the Minoan tephra from Santorini, an important chronostratigraphic marker in the Eastern Mediterranean.’
    • ‘Marine tephra layers form important chronostratigraphic markers and may also provide information on eruption dynamics and chronology.’
    • ‘The division of the Phanerozoic into chronostratigraphic divisions - eras, periods, epochs and ages - has itself evolved over a period of about 200 years.’