Definition of chronobiologist in US English:



  • See chronobiology

    • ‘He is renowned for going to bed early and snoozing for eight hours; he's a chronobiologist's dream.’
    • ‘Chronobiologists have since progressed from describing biological timekeeping in nearly all types of living things to identifying the structures and processes associated with it, including the biochemical and molecular genetic mechanisms responsible for it.’
    • ‘‘Everyone knows how to tell time, but few people know how to tell body time,’ says Michael Smolensky, Ph.D., a chronobiologist, University of Texas-Houston professor and co-author of The Body Clock Guide to Better Health.’
    • ‘For the first five weeks MacArthur averaged 5.54 hours sleep a day; for the past 10 days she's been down to less than four, though she has been taught techniques to help her catnap by Claudio Stampi, a ‘chronobiologist’.’
    • ‘Our study supports the beliefs of many chronobiologists or body clock scientists, who have suggested that if we don't listen to our body clock we won't perform as effectively.’