Definition of chronic fatigue syndrome in US English:

chronic fatigue syndrome

(also CFS)


  • A medical condition of unknown cause, with fever, aching, and prolonged tiredness and depression, typically occurring after a viral infection.

    • ‘Thus, it is easy to see how diseases as different as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and chronic fatigue syndrome can all share the same pathomechanism.’
    • ‘Cognitive behaviour therapy is an effective treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome in adults, and one uncontrolled study has shown that it can reduce fatigue in adolescents’
    • ‘There is no definitive test for chronic fatigue syndrome like there is for diabetes or many other diseases.’
    • ‘Lack of the hormone CRH also results in the feelings of extreme tiredness common to people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.’
    • ‘The definition of chronic fatigue syndrome in adults has been much debated.’
    • ‘As well as hepatitis C, Allan has also been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome.’
    • ‘While the authors admit there is no cure, they align chronic fatigue syndrome with other conditions that can be successfully managed without a clear idea of aetiology.’
    • ‘He was also interested in the contribution of viral infections to chronic fatigue syndrome.’
    • ‘When Sophie fell poorly with glandular fever and then chronic fatigue syndrome her home computer provided a lifeline to the outside world.’
    • ‘Narcolepsy has been mistaken for epilepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, and schizophrenia.’
    • ‘The government's working group on chronic fatigue syndrome and myalgic encephalomyelitis wove patients' assertions into the scientific research in its report.’
    • ‘A physician examined 10 patients who fulfilled diagnostic criteria for chronic fatigue syndrome and reported swollen neck glands.’
    • ‘This is still the case with conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome and myalgic encephalitis.’
    • ‘They proposed that such a shift could be due to the regimen of vaccinations given to veterans and that this could lead to symptoms akin to those of chronic fatigue syndrome.’
    • ‘But most experts now agree that chronic fatigue syndrome is a distinct disease with physical symptoms.’
    • ‘As senior registrar at the Royal Free he coordinated the lengthy study into the Royal Free disease, now called chronic fatigue syndrome.’
    • ‘This usually lasts a few days or weeks but in some cases can be long term and lead to conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome.’
    • ‘Also known as chronic fatigue syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis leaves sufferers unable to perform even the simplest tasks without being left exhausted.’
    • ‘Myalgic encephalomyelitis, or chronic fatigue syndrome, has only been recognised by doctors in recent years’
    • ‘This is a controversial diagnosis that some regard as simply another name for chronic fatigue syndrome and that others regard as a distinct condition.’


chronic fatigue syndrome

/ˈkrɑnɪk fəˈtiɡ ˈsɪnˌdroʊm/