Definition of chromophoric in US English:



  • See chromophore

    • ‘As the chromophoric part of the molecule is inserted deeper in the membrane, singlet oxygen is produced by photosensitization at a greater depth.’
    • ‘Here, internal protonation processes between the chromophoric group and the proton binding site close to the chromophoric group were assumed.’
    • ‘Over the eons, photosynthetic organisms such as trees, plants, algae, and some bacteria have evolved a set of chromophoric pigments that efficiently capture sunlight, which they convert to energy that they use to sustain themselves.’
    • ‘The carotenoid compounds, including beta-carotene, are essential components of our diets, acting as precursors to the chromophoric molecule rhodopsin, the pigment of vision.’
    • ‘Such heterogeneous systems are generally characterized by the confinement of groups of chromophoric molecules to micron- or submicron-sized structures, which are dispersed in a buffered, partly aqueous medium.’