Definition of chromogenic in US English:



  • 1Involving the production of color or pigments.

    • ‘Four N. gonorrhoeae isolates were found to be pencillinase producing N. gonorrhoeae by chromogenic cephalosporin technique.’
    • ‘Determination of the endotoxin activity by the chromogenic Limulus test.’
    • ‘Clot-based methods recover up to 50% lower activity for these products than the chromogenic assays which can have significant clinical implications for the management of patients with hemophilia A.’
    • ‘The salvinorins react with this chromogenic reagent to produce pinkish-purple spots on the plates.’
    1. 1.1Photography Denoting a modern process of film developing that uses couplers to produce black-and-white or color images of very high definition.
      • ‘A filmmaker, Sisic's chromogenic prints read as stills - vignettes that are part of a larger story.’
      • ‘It is hard to imagine a more perfect illustration than Thomas Demand's large-scale chromogenic prints from 1997-98 of meticulously constructed modern scenarios.’
      • ‘That gallery also includes a large chromogenic colour print by photographer Andreas Gursky, famous for his deadpan images.’
      • ‘‘I sort of became in between the observer and the participant,’ reflected Tam of the journey through chromogenic photos which Lessons, the exhibition, features.’
      • ‘Though the technology is now a couple of decades old, according to dealers chromogenic films are enjoying a resurgence among photographers.’
    2. 1.2Photography Denoting any of a number of developing processes similar to the chromogenic process.
    3. 1.3Microbiology (of a bacterium) producing a pigment.
      • ‘Teeth discoloration in children could be due to plaque, chromogenic bacteria producing pigments, which impart different colours to the plaque attached to the teeth, and localised enamel hypoplasia.’
      • ‘In 1902, Beijerinck reported that chromogenic bacteria are attracted to light.’