Definition of chromium-plated in US English:



  • Covered with a thin layer of chromium.

    ‘an elegant molded mesh of chromium-plated steel wire’
    • ‘This tour de force is achieved by abandoning the plush and mahogany of the nineteenth century for bent chromium-plated steel—a favorite material in streamlining.’
    • ‘Everything is bright and chromium-plated.’
    • ‘Their speed could be augmented by swinging a small chromium-plated crank handle located on the dashboard.’
    • ‘The design featured a sweeping, horizontal roof-plane supported on eight chromium-plated steel columns, cross-shaped in sections rather than H-shaped like most steel columns.’
    • ‘The shutter release and the camera front release are two chromium-plated tear-drop shaped buttons at the front of the top plate.’
    • ‘Side steps and bars can be made from chromium-plated stainless steel, aluminum chequer plates, or rubber, and they can be purchased from online as well as offline sources.’
    • ‘A chromium-plated tubular steel frame is topped in either grey, metallic black, or transparent plexiglass.’
    • ‘It is an exact duplicate of the regular stove, except that this one is all hand-made and chromium-plated and has my name engraved on it.’
    • ‘He is the type who hangs around the chromium-plated snack bar and billiard hall.’
    • ‘The full-width chromium-plated bumpers have a mirror finish and all badging is fitted and correct.’
    • ‘Shaped like a jet engine, the bright chromium-plated side air inlets complete the wing theme on the exterior.’
    • ‘Mr Zhang, a museologist at the Museum of Terracotta Warriors, notes that the swords have been heat-treated and are chromium-plated.’