Definition of chromite in US English:



  • A brownish-black mineral that consists of a mixed oxide of chromium and iron and is the principal ore of chromium.

    • ‘Layered intrusions commonly occur with mafic intrusions where the minerals (such as olivine, pyroxene, chromite, magnetite and plagioclase) have a wider range of specific gravity, and the magma viscosity was low.’
    • ‘Orissa is rich in bauxite, the mineral that contains aluminium's raw material, as well as coal, limestone, silica, chromite, dolomite and nickel, to mention a few sources of its mineral wealth.’
    • ‘Early minerals, such as the chromium-bearing mineral chromite, crystallize early and are denser than the surrounding magma.’
    • ‘Il is envisaged that while the footwall anorthositc was still unconsolidated possibly to a depth in excess of 10m, liquefaction of part of this interval occurred, and at a similar time chromite commenced accumulating.’
    • ‘Uvarovite, a sparkling green garnet that often occurs on blocks of chromite, was named in honor of Earl Uvarov, a Russian politician of the nineteenth century.’


Mid 19th century: from chrome or chromium + -ite.