Definition of chromic acid in US English:

chromic acid


  • A corrosive and strongly oxidizing acid existing only in solutions of chromium trioxide.

    Chemical formula: H₂CrO₄

    • ‘The paint spray workshop also contained two acetylene cylinders, two oxygen cylinders and two propane bottles as well as chromic acid and acetone.’
    • ‘After cleaning, the parts are etched or pickled in a chromic acid / nitric acid solution to remove any oxide layer or other chemical coatings not fully removed by alkaline cleaning.’
    • ‘A wide variety of electrolytes are used to produce the desired surface properties: chromic acid, sulfuric acid, and oxalic acid are the most common but borates, citrates and oxoacids are also sometimes used.’
    • ‘Environments to be avoided include nitric acid; some metallic salts, such as ferric chloride and chromic acid; moist chlorinated hydrocarbons; and moist HN 3.’
    • ‘The most regularly employed oxidizing agent for this set of reactions is a mixture called chromic acid, a mixture of sodium or potassium dichromate and sulfuric acid.’