Definition of chromed in US English:



  • Chromium-plated.

    ‘chromed handlebars’
    • ‘There is also the legendary Trident badge that takes pride of place on the nose, framed by the imposing chromed grille.’
    • ‘The interior is like something from the pages of a Vogue home furnishings magazine with soft, muted greys making up the fascia, split with a polished grey birch decorative inlay and a chromed and leathered bespoke interior.’
    • ‘The interior is gorgeous, complete with chromed switches and real wood and beautiful curves.’
    • ‘The accessory bay, located an inch below the upper panel door, features blue LEDs on either side of a chromed roll-up door.’
    • ‘The review vehicle was tricked out with all the chromed visuals: bull-bar, rear corner protectors, extended door sills, and the like.’
    • ‘But I've never liked chromed plastic - one material pretending to be another.’
    • ‘A forlorn pair of chromed handle bars stuck incongruously out from under the massive front roller.’
    • ‘With Norma ammunition, a Type 99 short rifle in good condition with its peep sights and excellent chromed bore is capable of 1.5 inches at 100 yards.’
    • ‘Wheelskins were invented in the late 1990s to provide an inexpensive way to put brilliant chromed plastic covers on styled wheels.’
    • ‘The white seat shell and base are made of fibreglass; they are connected to each other with a chromed steel spring and rubber dampers.’
    • ‘These were originally brass and were chromed, fitted with extra rubber seals and now protrude through specially drilled holes in the top plate.’
    • ‘Outside, green plastic garden furniture, creaking in the sun, each empty table complete with at least one crumb from a previous occupant and a chromed ashtray not quite empty.’
    • ‘The mirror finish chromed metal base and high gloss tabletop enhance its beauty, making it perfect for game rooms, the bar, the kitchen or anywhere else you can imagine.’
    • ‘I often see parallels at the dragstrip: the racer with polished valve covers and bad valve springs, or the dragster with chromed parts everywhere and leaking shock absorbers.’
    • ‘The large, egg-crate, chromed grille is somewhat overstated but still appealing.’
    • ‘Some anglers like to use Killer gear, consisting of a chromed tube pirk and a couple of droppers fitted up with muppets, usually baited with a whole Calamari squid or side of mackerel.’
    • ‘Running along the length of the sides are polished, chromed brass panels which in conjunction with some hard foam strips aid in creating a plenum style shroud above the fins as well as give the unit a little ‘bling’.’
    • ‘A crisply elegant natural or lacquered birch seat is supported by a thin chromed steel frame.’
    • ‘Using the spokes of the center disk as a backbone, wheel makers are experimenting with stainless steel and painted plastic attachments that can approximate the high-end look of machined or chromed aluminum.’
    • ‘It's made of butted chromed steel, features a ball-bearing headset for 360-degree rotation and a quick-release skewer for roll changes.’