Definition of chromatophore in US English:



  • A cell or plastid that contains pigment.

    • ‘These cells, called chromatophores, are responsible for the ability of the cephalopods to change color and patterns accurately and rapidly in response to danger or emotion.’
    • ‘Previously, time-resolved fluorescence and transient absorption measurements have been performed using chromatophores from Rhodospirillum (Rps.) rubrum and Blastochloris (Bl.) viridis.’
    • ‘The rapid changes in shade and colour are made possible by cells called chromatophores, which are full of pigment and can expand or contract under nervous control.’
    • ‘He subsequently investigated the endocrine regulation of chromatophores and eye pigments.’
    • ‘The discovery of hormonal involvement in the control of pigment movements in crustacean chromatophores and distal pigment cells in the eye triggered intensive studies on the regulation of pigmentary effectors.’