Definition of chromatographic in US English:



  • See chromatography

    • ‘Modern methods for measuring molecular weight include chromatographic methods and mass spectrometry.’
    • ‘During this time he developed a simple chromatographic assay for imidazole compounds accumulating in histidine-requiring Neurospora mutants, which allowed him to deduce much of the histidine biosynthetic pathway.’
    • ‘Molecular fossils are recovered and studied using chromatographic techniques, mass spectrometry, and spectrophotometry.’
    • ‘In the confirmatory test, the drugs in the urine sample are isolated on a small chromatographic column, eluted with an organic solvent, and injected into the gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer.’
    • ‘Once the structure of an organic species has been identified, the presence of the molecule in other samples can be detected by using spectroscopic patterns or chromatographic characteristics of the compound.’