Definition of chromatograph in English:



  • 1An apparatus for performing chromatography.

    • ‘In the laboratory, the instruments, called chromatographs, are more sophisticated, but the principle is the same.’
    • ‘Mass spectrometers often are attached to chromatographs.’
    • ‘The injector and detector of the chromatograph were maintained at 250 and 275 deg C, respectively.’
    • ‘For each set of analyses, a sample of ambient air was injected into the chromatograph to monitor calibration.’
    • ‘Since a mass spectrometer is an identification instrument, it is often paired with a separation instrument like a chromatograph.’
    1. 1.1
      another term for chromatogram
      • ‘The quantities of two cuticular hydrocarbons, 7 - T and 7,11 HD, were calculated from the resulting chromatographs as the area under each peak.’
      • ‘For assembly using mace, bases with quality scores less than 30 were initially called as missing data, and were only included back into the sequence if the base calls were easily made, with no ambiguity, by eye from chromatographs.’
      • ‘The HPLC chromatographs were compared to the chromatograph of ‘Linetta,’ a rapeseed variety widely used as a standard for glucosinolate identification.’
      • ‘Review of example chromatographs for Hb O-Arab in the published literature shows the presence of this minor peak.2-5 It is assumed that this minor peak is glycosylated Hb O-Arab or possibly a degraded product of this hemoglobin.’
      • ‘UV-absorbance chromatographs for each line were compared with a chromatograph of the unmixed standard reaction that had been subjected to denaturation/reannealing.’