Definition of chromatic aberration in US English:

chromatic aberration


  • The material effect produced by the refraction of different wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation through slightly different angles, resulting in a failure to focus. It causes colored fringes in the images produced by uncorrected lenses.

    • ‘The chromatic aberration, the secondary spectrum, and the spherical aberration could be corrected, and although the spherochromaticity was large, it was tolerable.’
    • ‘For instance, a white-light profilometer system uses chromatic aberration or an interferometry and phase shift technique to measure surface roughness to 1 nm.’
    • ‘Newton was led by this reasoning to the erroneous conclusion that telescopes using refracting lenses would always suffer chromatic aberration.’
    • ‘Typical aberrations that can impact imaging performance include astigmatism, chromatic aberration, and spherical aberration.’
    • ‘The effects of spherical and chromatic aberration increase as the pupil expands.’