Definition of Christology in US English:



  • The branch of Christian theology relating to the person, nature, and role of Christ.

    • ‘Much scholarly discussion of Mark has concluded, one way or another, that Christology, not soteriology, proves to be its major concern.’
    • ‘Most of the book is devoted to demonstrating how this is so, as Ward deals with the specific doctrines of the fall, soteriology, Christology, and eschatology.’
    • ‘He draws conclusions from his incarnational Christology for nature.’
    • ‘These lines of argument are no longer based on either the theology of creation or Christology.’
    • ‘In sum, by combining Christology from above with Christology from below, Dupuis has affirmed the divinity of Jesus Christ and at the same time affirmed the humanity of Jesus Christ.’
    • ‘But Christology or soteriology or theodicy, Haught argues, will not make sense unless theology addresses the scientific description of the cosmos.’
    • ‘More precisely, I propose that spiritual theology proper is structurally to pneumatology as soteriology is to Christology.’
    • ‘Some theologians hold that neither Christology from below nor Christology from above is adequate in itself.’
    • ‘By comparison with the male thinkers, Christology in all three of the women theologians involves much more reference to the Trinity and to the relationality of the divine persons.’
    • ‘Is a new edifice of theological thought, one that tends to deconstruct biblical and classical Christology, a theology that the Christian community requires in our time?’
    • ‘Feminist theology, for example, gets more space than Christology, more than Trinity and Holy Spirit combined.’
    • ‘Son recognizes that Paul's anthropology is wedded to other themes in Pauline theology, and hence he explores Paul's Christology and ecclesiology to derive a Pauline anthropology.’
    • ‘The relation between Christology and pneumatology has been an important element of contemporary ecumenical discussion especially between eastern and western Christians.’
    • ‘Rather, he wishes to place ‘each theologian side by side to gain a fuller understanding of Christology and anthropology’.’
    • ‘One Christology, cosmic Christology, reminds us that the Scriptures and church tradition affirm that the gift of God in Jesus Christ is for all of creation.’
    • ‘Here the theological subdivision he introduces is Christology, construed broadly enough to include discourse that bears in almost any way on Jesus.’
    • ‘One does not have to read very deeply in the scholarly literature on eschatology, the gospels, or Christology before running into the writings of Richard Bauckham.’
    • ‘At the shrine itself, and in the devotions surrounding the mandatory baths, the principle that Mariology is Christology could not have been more explicit.’
    • ‘In this way, while Maximus's Christology precludes the kind of theology of glory to which Luther objected, it also rules out a Marcionite rejection of material creation.’
    • ‘So much modern Christian theology, when developing the relations between anthropology and Christology via ecclesiology, has assumed modern notions of subjectivity.’