Definition of Christocentric in US English:



  • Having Christ as its center.

    ‘a thoroughly Christocentric theology’
    • ‘Destructive egocentric life is transformed and becomes Christocentric identification with the mission of God.’
    • ‘More than the women theologians' attention to the wider world as a part of their Christocentric devotion, what has struck many readers as particularly significant is their ready acceptance of sensuous bodiliness, mentioned earlier.’
    • ‘New Testament theology was bound to be to a large extent Christocentric, simply because it was concerned with trying to comprehend the new.’
    • ‘One of the strongest accents of Christocentric devotion at this time, however, was the desire to copy the pattern of Christ's life in one's own, to play his melody again in one's own actions.’
    • ‘On Christocentric reality: ‘The meaning of history is found in the humiliated Christ’.’
    • ‘In Western Christianity, on the other hand, there has been a strong Christocentric focus both in its theology and in its liturgical prayer.’
    • ‘This was teaching at its best: Christocentric, parabolic and open-ended.’
    • ‘Fourthly, the New Testament leaves us in no doubt that the gospel scheme, though Christocentric in execution, was Trinitarian in its parameters.’
    • ‘‘In a sense, ‘theological realism’ is not theological enough; if it were more Christocentric it would be more genuinely theological realism.’’
    • ‘Barth's theology, as many know, is rigorously Christocentric.’
    • ‘First, Edwards's theology is radically Christocentric.’
    • ‘Her religious meditations and plays have a timeless Christocentric focus that I studied in my book ‘Juana Inis de la Cruz and the Theology of Beauty.’’
    • ‘It was Christocentric and designed for community building in its essence.’
    • ‘This proves a liability when Martin attempts to convey Francis's Christocentric approach to poverty, or his equally mystifying struggle to maintain bodily chastity.’
    • ‘Faith had made Jacob Christocentric; Christ was the center of everything, determined the meaning of everything!’
    • ‘Veitch testified that a Jewish woman was upset at the Christocentric nature of DeMarco's preaching during one of his sermons.’
    • ‘Both our theological tradition, and Western spirituality as well, tend to be shaped by this Christocentric orientation.’
    • ‘For this awesome millennial undertaking the Council projected a renewed Christocentric humanism or anthropology.’
    • ‘It was shaped by my participation in a youth movement - it was a very Christocentric movement and I was formed by some priests I have a high admiration for - and also my study in Tübingen.’
    • ‘Ironically, however, earlier this summer another assertion of Christocentric dominance received a very different reception from this country.’