Definition of Christmas tree in US English:

Christmas tree


  • A real or artificial evergreen tree set up and decorated with lights and ornaments as part of Christmas celebrations.

    • ‘People decorate houses with artificial Christmas trees, wear artificial hair, play games on artificial grass and build zoo cages with artificial rocks.’
    • ‘Hew home was so cosy and so artistically decorated for Christmas with decorations, lights, Christmas trees and Santa Claus.’
    • ‘Homes are decorated with greens but Christmas trees, stockings, special lights, Santa Claus, and mistletoe are missing.’
    • ‘Santas, Christmas trees and fairy lights are just some of the decorations to see.’
    • ‘The colors of green and red decorate many cities, complementing the glittering gold and silver tinsel decorations that adorn Christmas trees.’
    • ‘Christmas shoppers in Corsham have got an extra treat this year two Christmas trees and new lights in the High Street.’
    • ‘Also, lights on Christmas trees can be hazardous if the needles on the tree dry out to much causing them to ignite.’
    • ‘Decorating Christmas trees is also very popular.’
    • ‘Of course, before there was electricity, Christmas trees were decorated with candles, but there were also more house fires back then.’
    • ‘Many houses throughout the parish were beautifully decorated with external lights and Christmas trees in Ballon Village added to the festive appearance.’
    • ‘A large Christmas tree with large bulbous fairy lights had been placed on the village green.’
    • ‘They may offer you several varieties of evergreen boughs from leftover Christmas trees - quite possibly for free!’
    • ‘There's some talk they can't even light their Christmas trees because of the power shortages as a result, many say, of the deregulation.’
    • ‘Montgomery also will put up as many as six Christmas trees and decorate them with bows, ornaments and small photo frames.’
    • ‘As they went down to the living room, it looked beautiful with the Christmas tree fully decorated and lights hung on it.’
    • ‘Unlike ordinary pine trees, the Christmas trees are decorated with a shell made of dried vines, dark blue feathers swinging behind the shell.’
    • ‘Seated on the stage of the Vatican's modern audience hall, between two decorated Christmas trees, the Pope was feted by bands and choirs singing carols from their native countries.’
    • ‘The time of year had come for Christmas, and the school had already started to put up decorations, started getting Christmas trees and putting lights and things on them.’
    • ‘For centuries the Christmas tree has been one of the most popular yuletide symbols and much has been written about it.’
    • ‘His house is decorated with blinking lights, and a Christmas tree stands on the porch.’


Christmas tree

/ˈkrɪsməs ˌtri//ˈkrisməs ˌtrē/