Definition of chosen in English:



  • [attributive] Having been selected as the best or most appropriate.

    ‘music is his chosen vocation’
    • ‘If two or more people suggested the chosen name, the winner will be picked out of a hat.’
    • ‘The above heading leads me nicely onto my chosen subject: three books I have read recently.’
    • ‘Colin's chosen literary field was horror, and he dreamed of becoming the next Stephen King.’
    • ‘This will never be the chosen task of the people currently in power in Washington.’
    • ‘Bear in mind your future requirements, and consider how extendable your chosen system needs to be.’
    • ‘For some of us it is to be the best at our job and achieve greatness in our chosen field.’
    • ‘Thus a person's chosen lawyer may be ill or engaged elsewhere or conflicted out.’
    • ‘She really is an exceptional woman and her commitment to her chosen sport is astounding.’
    • ‘Today's the last day for you to cast your vote for your chosen category.’
    • ‘Bill is moving to Calgary in hopes of finding a job in his chosen career as a corrections officer.’
    • ‘Our chosen walk is perfect for the inexperienced rambler as it is pretty much straight, with no map needed.’
    • ‘No side can expect to win when the chosen players can't perform the basics even half-right.’
    • ‘Despite more than two decades on the buses, Julie is a keen advocate for her chosen vocation.’
    • ‘Spread far and wide across the world, many have made a mark in their chosen fields.’
    • ‘Many of the hundreds of doctors he trained went on to become eminent in their chosen fields.’
    • ‘John was a true gentleman whose commitment to his chosen career was of the highest calibre.’
    • ‘Those who want to work in their chosen fields often have to migrate to other countries.’
    • ‘London has become their natural alternative business base, and their chosen second home.’
    • ‘The Government believes the cash will encourage people to carry on in their chosen careers.’
    • ‘Fascinating stuff, even if your chosen destination is Torremolinos rather than Tokyo.’
    required, necessary, proper, right, correct
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