Definition of chorographic in US English:



  • See chorography

    • ‘Harley's evidence also suggests that sales of county maps were high when first published but they quickly dropped off thereafter and did not provide the sort of long-term income generated by smaller-scale chorographic maps.’
    • ‘The latter vision predominated, often associated with religious symbolism and civic pride, while more accurate chorographic representations were mostly produced by outsiders or for military purposes.’
    • ‘The instruments were stored in wooden cabinets whose doors were decorated with chorographic maps of the world.’
    • ‘Although the basic position of geography as a chorographic science has been questioned, the challenge does not appear to have produced dissension.’
    • ‘Just such a window opens in Sense and Sensibility, when, taking her leave of Norland, Marianne recites a chorographic prose poem in honor of the place.’