Definition of choppiness in US English:



  • See choppy

    • ‘Otherwise, Charter's shares, which at $18.50 Thursday are slightly below their IPO price, may see further choppiness.’
    • ‘The choppiness and urgency of the footage gives you the sense you can almost feel the reporter's pulse and breath.’
    • ‘When South Korea and then Japan's hinted their treasuries might diversify reserves and hold a lesser share in dollars, the Dow experienced what pilots call, as you grab the arm rests and hold on for dear life, ‘a little choppiness.’’
    • ‘Ernie then carefully razored and blunt sculpted strategically placed choppiness throughout the ends to give the hairstyle movement and texture.’
    • ‘Despite impeccable production values and some impressive supporting performances, the film suffers from choppiness and a sense that too much is being crammed into the two-hour twenty-minute running time.’