Definition of Chondrichthyes in English:


proper noun

  • A class of fishes that includes those with a cartilaginous skeleton.

    Compare with Osteichthyes
    • ‘Sharks, skates, rays, and even stranger fish make up the Chondrichthyes, or ‘cartilaginous fish.’’
    • ‘Given these generalities from research on bony fishes and some salamanders, we review recent studies on the evolution of feeding systems in Chondrichthyes, the sister group to all other living gnathostome vertebrates.’
    • ‘A platelike structure, the operculum, covers the gills; this is not present in most Chondrichthyes (except for chimaeras).’
    • ‘The Chondrichthyes or ‘cartilaginous fishes’ are so called because their internal skeletons are composed of cartilage (the stiffening substance in your nose and ears), reinforced with small bone plates.’
    • ‘It is estimated that oviparity evolved into viviparity at least 18 times within Chondrichthyes (class that includes sharks).’


Modern Latin, from Greek khondros cartilage + ikhthus fish.