Definition of cholo in US English:


nounPlural cholos

  • 1(in some parts of Latin America) a man of indigenous or partly indigenous ancestry.

    • ‘Members of a second broad, intermediate category are labeled mestizos, cholos (a disparaging term), or nonindigenous.’
    • ‘Some interioranos grade imperceptibly into an acculturated native American population known pejoratively as cholos, who refer to themselves as naturales.’
    • ‘La Fabricia's conduct in public - that is, her refusal to interact with other cholos aside from El Saico - makes it apparent that something is going on between the two.’
    • ‘For example, students were asked to note the differences between the bandido character from the 1948 film ‘The Treasure of the Sierra Madre’ and the cholo from the 1997 film ‘187’.’
    • ‘The cholo challenged his oppression with gun in hand.’
    1. 1.1US informal A young man belonging to a Mexican-American urban subculture associated with street gangs.
      • ‘In 1996, a breathtaking Los Angeles Times exposé on the 18th Street Gang, which included descriptions of innocent bystanders being murdered by laughing cholos (gang members), revealed the rate of illegal-alien membership in the gang.’
      • ‘The cholos baptized their clubs in Spanish, just because the banda was in vogue.’
      • ‘The term cholo refers specifically to a member of a social group that is a contemporary extension of the pachuco.’
      • ‘In urban Latino neighborhoods, adolescents may conflict with their parents if they assume cholo identities.’
      • ‘Now he runs his own talent management and production company, Suspect Entertainment, hiring out himself and other reformed Hispanic - or cholo - gangsters to play the kind of roles they once had for real.’


Mid 19th century: American Spanish.