Definition of Chokwe in US English:



  • 1A member of a people living in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire) and northern Angola.

    • ‘As a whole, they provide an extraordinary window on the varied art forms that the Chokwe and related peoples created over at least the past two centuries.’
    • ‘Divination baskets and gourds, mostly from the Chokwe and Songye, contained collections of natural and artificial objects such as enigmatic miniature carvings of humans.’
    • ‘She said the people in the area had been plotting to have her removed from the school to allow a fellow Chokwe take over as school head teacher.’
    • ‘Therefore, the essays deal more with the ‘related peoples’ referred to in the subtitle, while the Chokwe as such are the main focus of the catalogue sections.’
    • ‘In effect, the Chokwe reduced the memorization of a lusona (singular of sona) to two numbers and a geometric algorithm for constructing one or more curves to create the desired pattern.’
  • 2The Bantu language of the Chokwe.

    • ‘Portuguese is the official language, although 95 percent of Angolans speak Ovimbundu, Mbundu, Kongo, Chokwe, and other languages.’
    • ‘Six of the Bantu languages were selected as national languages: Chokwe, Kikongo, Kimbundo, Mbunda, Oxikuanyama, and Umbundu.’


  • Relating to the Chokwe or their language.

    • ‘Thus, contrary to earlier descriptions by Bastin and others, on the basis of information gathered from Chokwe assistants in Zambia, the Chihongo masquerader is described here as a royal or chiefly character.’
    • ‘A Chokwe chair and Yoruba door (the latter by Olowe of Ise) incorporated divination objects in their decoration.’
    • ‘It is mainly thanks to the work of Bastin, who taught African art history at the Universite Libre de Bruxelles, that Chokwe art is relatively well known.’
    • ‘For instance, a Chokwe divination basket on a gourd base containing fifty-four items used by the diviner did not have any head motif.’
    • ‘This mask's coiffure, entirely coated with red earth, depicts a style worn in the past by Chokwe women.’