Definition of chokecherry in US English:



  • A North American cherry with an edible astringent fruit that is more palatable when cooked.

    Prunus virginiana, family Rosaceae

    • ‘They picked wild service berries, choke cherries, and buffalo or bull berries in the fall, and gathered the bark of the cottonwood tree, enjoying its sweet interior.’
    • ‘The choke cherries are too puckery to be eaten raw.’
    • ‘Over the past two years, the prototype harvester has also been tested in saskatoons and choke cherries.’
    • ‘They hang out where it is cool, usually near water in the early fall, and eat choke cherries and berries where they can.’
    • ‘Any help greatly appreciated, especially since the choke cherries are out of the freezer and totally defrosted now!’
    • ‘Picking choke cherries is easy, because they grow in big clusters and your bucket will fill up fast.’
    • ‘We hand pick choke cherries, cook them down, remove the seeds and skins, and use the pulp to create this tasty jam.’
    • ‘It's also known as choke cherry because of the bitterness of the berries.’
    • ‘Astringency is removed by cooking, and choke cherries make tasty pie-fillings, sauces and wine.’
    • ‘The small black cherries resemble choke cherry fruits & just like choke cherries are inaccurately regarded as toxic, or have been mistaken for toxic because true laurels are toxic.’