Definition of choke chain in US English:

choke chain


  • A chain formed into a loop by passing one end through a ring on the other, placed around a dog's neck to exert control by causing pressure on the windpipe when the dog pulls.

    • ‘At one point she said, ‘I feel like I'm on a leash with a choke chain.’’
    • ‘MAX the dog was gasping for breath with a choke chain getting tighter round his neck - and his owner could only watch helplessly.’
    • ‘I felt choked, as if someone had just placed a choke chain around my neck.’
    • ‘And with that he pulled his flat cap firmly down over his eyes, gave Nicole (his whippet) a sharp tug on her choke chain and strode off manfully back towards Hollywood.’
    • ‘His dog is mostly black, with no light markings, and has a silver choke chain.’
    • ‘When using a training collar or choke chain, however, it is very important to fit it correctly, and to use a size that is neither too big nor too small for your shih tzu dog.’
    • ‘I slapped in the cuff I'd grabbed (a green leather one with studs) and the choke chain dog collar I used as a necklace.’
    • ‘He would have made an excellent official, maybe even governor of the Bank of England, but was never going to have the right instincts to pull on Greg's choke chain.’
    • ‘Never put a choke chain on a young pup, and if you use one on an older dog, remove it as soon as the training session is over.’
    • ‘Vet Monique Strange, who runs the Companion Care surgery with husband Malcolm Rose in Cambridge, said: ‘I've heard of dogs swallowing some strange things, but never a choke chain.’’
    • ‘Never leave a training collar or choke chain on your dog when unattended.’
    • ‘Tanj gasped, and panted, trying hard to recover her breath, to hold herself in a position where the choke chain didn't make it more difficult than it already was.’