Definition of chockstone in US English:



  • A stone that has become wedged in a vertical cleft.

    • ‘The tiny pebble of a chockstone is completely hidden by the sling looped over it so that it appears you are abseiling on a piece of tape wedged into a vertical crack…’
    • ‘A refrigerator-size chockstone is wedged between the walls ten feet downstream from the ledge, giving the space ahead the claustrophobic feel of a short tunnel.’
    • ‘I followed and when I arrived at the slung chockstone I yelled for slack to get some rope in order to lower myself across the slab.’
    • ‘A large obstacle in the form of a twenty-five foot wall was overcome by an easy ramp-chimney with a chockstone at the top which was bypassed using a foot-jam in a small crack.’
    • ‘Climb the rest of the chimney more easily (but with interest) past the chockstones and into the Eeyrie to belay.’