Definition of chock-full in English:



  • [predicative] Filled to overflowing.

    ‘my briefcase is chock-full of notes’
    • ‘From outdoor light sculptures to all-puppet chorus lines, this season is, without a doubt, chock-full of weird and wonderful artistic delights.’
    • ‘I took the Theo exam a while ago, which, as usual, was chock-full of trick questions and loopholes, all designed to tie the average student up in knots.’
    • ‘No great loss; Rolls' current one-man show is a dazzling compendium of pieces chock-full of barbed wit and sharp social insight.’
    • ‘It's a pocket-size paperback, but it's chock-full of wonderful things.’
    • ‘All the hours from 8: 30 to 4: 30 were chock-full of classes for the first time in two semesters.’
    • ‘Disguised in magazine format, this Bible is chock-full of fun facts, answers to questions you wanted to know but were afraid to ask, and pointers on how to live.’
    • ‘The album is mainly middle-of-the-road reggae, heavy on drum and bass, and chock-full of melody lines that grab you right away and sound better with each listen.’
    • ‘The disc is chock-full of unreleased tracks, out-of-print gems and old 12-inches.’
    • ‘As babies we have fabulous skin, because we're chock-full of the stuff.’
    • ‘What's beyond my tolerance is that, clad in ancient costumes, the characters are speaking a contemporary language chock-full of modern parlance and quips.’
    • ‘Their performance was more about confirmation - confirmation they are chock-full of ball handlers, strong runners and clever footballers.’
    • ‘The lobby and bar areas are also chock-full of outlets, which make it even easier to take advantage of the hotel's free Wi-Fi.’
    • ‘Political parties across Australia are chock-full of people of who would happily sell their souls for a seat in one or other of the nation's parliaments.’
    • ‘My latest trip was chock-full of thrills, spills and adventure.’
    • ‘This chunky dialler has a split personality: keep the keypad flush with the handset to use it as a phone, then flip open a flap to reveal a large screen, a menu chock-full of extras and a mini keyboard.’
    • ‘The works are chock-full of cool photos, drawings, and ads, though the latter two are more technical than the souvenir program.’
    • ‘There's nothing to say about Erik Benson except that his essays are chock-full of genius ideas, and you should read everything he's written for the last month.’
    • ‘Around me is rolling grassland and Ribena-purple heather-beds, all chock-full of birdlife, from choughs to corn buntings to petrels.’
    • ‘The Sunday Times Magazine, in association with Simon & Schuster, is giving you the chance to win one of 50 bags chock-full of memorabilia.’
    • ‘If there's one thing Warner Bros. knows how to do, it's putting together terrific DVD packages chock-full of special features.’
    filled, full, well stocked, well supplied, well provided, crammed, crowded, packed, jammed, stuffed, teeming, overflowing, bursting, brimful, brimming, loaded, overloaded, thick, solid, charged, abounding
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Late Middle English: of unknown origin; later associated with chock.