Definition of chlorella in US English:



  • A common single-celled green alga of both terrestrial and aquatic habitats, frequently turning stagnant water an opaque green.

    Genus Chlorella, division Chlorophyta (or phylum Chlorophyta, kingdom Protista)

    • ‘Grasses, including barley, oat, rye, wheat grass, and alfalfa - technically a legume - are generally higher in fiber, while water greens like spirulina and chlorella tend to be higher in protein.’
    • ‘These include but are not limited to: chlorella, blue-green algae, spirulina from California or Hawaii, AFA blue-green algae (Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae), kelp, nori, green barley, wheat grass and alfalfa.’
    • ‘Help replace the energy boost you got from cigarettes by taking 2 to 3 g of chlorella, a nutrient-rich algae, daily.’
    • ‘A fresh-water, green algae extract that assists in bowel health and digestion, chlorella also helps with immunity, heart health and general well-being.’
    • ‘One green superfood that is a virtual paragon of nutrition is chlorella, which is believed to contain the most chlorophyll of any plant.’


Modern Latin, diminutive of Greek khlōros ‘green’.