Definition of chloramine in US English:



  • An organic compound containing a chlorine atom bonded to nitrogen, especially any of a group of sulfonamide derivatives used as antiseptics and disinfectants.

    ‘compounds such as chloramines’
    mass noun ‘chloramine is sometimes found in tap water’
    • ‘In Washington, the chloramines also caused lead to leach out of service lines, water meters, plumbing with lead solder and brass faucets that contain lead.’
    • ‘Find out from your water supply co if both chlorine and chloramines are added.’
    • ‘This nascent bleach can also react with primary or secondary amines to form longer lasting, antimicrobial chloramines.’
    • ‘Many municipal water companies add chloramine (a combination of these chemicals), which is very toxic to fish.’
    • ‘Before you add fish, test city water for chlorine dioxide and chloramine, both of which can be treated with chemicals purchased at a nursery or pet shop.’