Definition of chitlin circuit in US English:

chitlin circuit


North American
  • (during the era of US racial segregation) a network of clubs, theaters, and other venues where black entertainers were allowed to perform.

    • ‘As Patti LaBelle and the Blue Belles, the group slugged it out on the chitlins circuit and later opened for the Who and toured with the Rolling Stones.’
    • ‘There was that small-town camaraderie, especially on the chitlin circuit in the South.’
    • ‘It's almost like a white chitlin circuit of underground rap music.’
    • ‘He was already well on his way to becoming the first black artist to crash out of the career-limiting "chitlin circuit" of black night clubs and theaters.’
    • ‘During America's segregationist years, the chitlin circuit - cheap juke joints and diners - was the only place many black musicians could get work.’


From chitlins, a southern US dialect form of chitterlings (a food stereotypically associated with black people and poor southerners).


chitlin circuit

/ˌCHitlin ˈsərkət/