Definition of chitinous in US English:



  • See chitin

    • ‘They are the earliest well-known complex three-dimensional trace fossils; mostly small, chitinous, calcareous, and phosphatic elements of problematic affinity.’
    • ‘A chitinous exoskeleton is not rigid enough to support a mass of that size.’
    • ‘But this time… ‘Dancer held up her elongated forearms, staring at her pale, chitinous claws.’’
    • ‘Eurypterid cuticle was chitinous and of varying thickness, but generally very thin, and preserved specimens (which were probably mostly molted skins) are usually crushed.’
    • ‘In addition, examination of the chitinous cuticle that covers the surface of the infundibulum reveals a remarkable array of tiny pegs or ‘denticles’.’