Definition of chiseled in US English:



  • 1(of wood or stone) shaped or cut with a chisel.

    • ‘The ‘rock’ was actually a real rock, but chiseled on the inside to make it almost hollow.’
    • ‘Stepping back so to avoid being hit with the door, she nearly fell off the landing, the chiselled stone railing the only thing between her and certain death.’
    • ‘His chiseled marble figures seemed to contain more expression and human vitality within their stone eyes than that in the eyes of many living people I had seen.’
    • ‘Beside me she sits mute and motionless as chiseled stone, the beautiful fearsome stranger who has saved and destroyed me in the space of hours.’
    • ‘Beautifully chiselled local stone was used aesthetically in the construction of environmentally friendly buildings.’
    • ‘Its skin is smooth and looks like carved stone, but graceful, not angular and chiseled like a statue.’
    • ‘His features were, in the manner of his Faerie-born race, as sharp as chiseled stone, and his ears were acutely pointed.’
    • ‘The dome, built of chiselled, rectangular granite stones and 110 feet tall, stands as an imposing structure.’
    • ‘Gods, goddesses and animals made in rosewood are examples of chiselled beauty.’
    • ‘Only a cellar hole of chiseled and fitted stone was evidence of any kind of dwelling when we parked the car and walked over the grounds.’
    • ‘Armies of gilded statuettes of saintly figures adorned little notches in the chiselled stone walls and framed iconographic pictures hung from any spaces which weren't already occupied.’
    • ‘The aisles and nave of the church are connected by arches which are held up by 18 imposing stone pillars made from well chiselled limestone.’
    • ‘Although tests on chiselled stones showed that the caves have existed for at least 1,500 years, it was only about 15 months ago that they were first discovered by a local farmer, by accident.’
    • ‘The atmosphere inside the courtroom stood in contrast to the noisy scene outside the building where demonstrators protested beneath the chiselled marble inscription Equal Justice Under Law.’
    • ‘Manuscripts on sheepskin or parchment were easier to create and read than chiseled stone tablets, but still could be read only by one person in one place at a time.’
    1. 1.1 (of a facial feature, typically a man's) strongly and clearly defined.
      ‘the chiseled features of a male model’
      • ‘He has a sturdy build with strikingly muscular hands and chiseled features.’
      • ‘Manzo noticed the neatly trimmed goatee and mustache combination that framed Rossiter's facial features and the chiseled jaw of a man who was in peak physical condition.’
      • ‘He was lean, but toned and had a strong face of chiseled features.’
      • ‘He was easily the most handsome man Chantal had ever seen, and his pale skin had such elegance, his chiseled features were so strong and dazzling, that she quite forgot to breathe.’
      • ‘Grant responds with a story about the time he found every missing bit of jewelry he'd ever given his ex hanging around the neck of the chiseled rock god she'd been cheating on him with.’
      • ‘She couldn't mistake those chiseled features and that strong jaw for anyone else.’
      • ‘She still has nicely tanned skin, chiseled facial features and a tough, determined look.’
      • ‘He had handsomely chiseled facial features, lustrous blond hair that hung that was brushed to both sides of his forehead and hung over his ears and down his neck; the Heraldic style.’
      • ‘She stared over at him, watched sweat begin to trickle down the side of his clearly chiseled features, slipping across his light brown, tan-colored skin.’
      • ‘With his strongly chiselled features, apart from their eyes and hair, the twins looked almost nothing alike.’
      • ‘Like my mother my hair is thick and straight, my body lean - long neck, limbs and waist, ample bosom, seductive curves and perfectly chiseled facial features.’
      • ‘He looked like a prince with his chiseled facial features, prominent nose, full lips, and strong physique.’
      • ‘And of course, they all had chiseled facial features, too.’
      • ‘Upon her arrival in Las Vegas, that question was answered by way of her chiseled facial features.’
      • ‘His face was hard and chiseled, as though from stone, with high cheekbones.’
      • ‘He had the biggest, clearest blue eyes, flawless olive colored skin, perfectly chiseled facial features, the fullest most perfect lips.’
      • ‘Everyone's favourite hero brings his tanned and chiselled features, facial mole and quite possibly his new girlfriend, Anna Kournikova, to Glasgow.’
      • ‘The child's steely blue eyes, chiselled features and surprisingly strong screen presence will no doubt propel him to many future cinematic roles.’
      • ‘His features were chiseled, his strong, taut jawline only serving to accent his lips further.’
      • ‘The sparse light that is coming from the lamp dances over his features, bringing out the strong jawline and the chiseled features he has.’