Definition of chiru in US English:



  • A sandy-colored gazelle with black horns, found on the Tibetan plateau.

    Pantholops hodgsoni, family Bovidae

    Also called Tibetan antelope
    • ‘But Chinese filmmaker Lu Chuan says he was inspired by the true story of the chiru - a rare antelope - and the Tibetan volunteers who risk their lives to protect the endangered antelope from poachers.’
    • ‘That the chiru - gazelle-like antelopes of Tibet and China - had to be slaughtered to obtain the wool was another matter.’
    • ‘The soft wool of a rare Tibetan antelope, the chiru, has been so highly prized that the animal which numbered some million in 1900 is threatened with being hunted to extinction.’
    • ‘Four mountaineers in the high steppes of northern Tibet and northeastern China have located the key calving ground of the chiru, a rare Tibetan antelope.’
    • ‘The endangered Tibetan antelope or the chiru has been chosen after a fierce global contest as one of the five mascots of the Beijing Olympics 2008.’


Late 19th century: probably from Tibetan.