Definition of chirr in English:


(also churr)


  • (especially of an insect) make a prolonged low trilling sound.

    • ‘‘Calm, calm,’ she chirred softly, a finger touching my jaw and hushing my stumbling chatter.’
    • ‘As you hike up through the gracious park, dotted with palaces turned museums, crickets chirr in the plane trees and pines.’
    • ‘The animals of the forest were largely quiet, and the locusts chirred intermittently.’
    • ‘I had watched over her while she slept, listening to her chirr in pain as the wagon bumped her around…’
    • ‘Wood pigeons were churring, providing a steady contra-bass to a splendid dawn chorus, but no more cuckoo.’
    • ‘In the trees a pair of wood pigeons churred away happily.’
    • ‘The road turned away from town and the hills rolled; the trees, bunched in groves, crickets chirring infrequently in the eve.’
    • ‘They whirred, clicked, chirred and rattled till she dumped the whole teeming mass of them on the bed.’
    • ‘Catching a breath she inched forward and chirred to herself.’
    • ‘Beside me the Sathe muttered and chirred in her sleep, in waking.’
    trill, sing, chirp, chirrup, chirr, cheep, twitter, tweet, whistle, chatter, squeak, pipe, peep
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  • A low trilling sound.

    • ‘One was short, downward inflected, and frequency modulated that we have termed a ‘churr’ (corresponding to the ‘chin’ of Willis 1985).’


Early 17th century: imitative.