Definition of chintzy in US English:



  • 1British Of, like, or decorated with chintz.

    ‘brighten the room with fresh paint and chintzy fabrics’
    • ‘For another such work, Chu carved the head of a fanged, monstrous beast and mounted it on a chintzy quilt with little flowers.’
    • ‘‘Flax flowers are okay on your chintzy curtains, but not on the police badge,’ says McAllister.’
    • ‘Mr Bevans said unlike country house hotels that favour traditional chintzy fabrics, he was keen to keep a contemporary style and the refurbished guest rooms are decorated in subtle, muted tones.’
    • ‘Relaxed, she settles into the chintzy sofa and declares herself unconcerned about tabloid fury.’
    • ‘Suite 28a of The Beverly Hills Hotel looks like the Hollywood Dream incarnate: chintzy, wonderfully fragrant, and stacked with every feature and fitting imaginable.’
    • ‘Today, sitting in a chintzy room of London's Dorchester Hotel, wearing a moody suit and smoking so much you'd think he was being sponsored, Bardem seems on the point of collapse.’
    • ‘Also, as an icon - all matinee hats, blue rinses and chintzy dresses - she helped her increasingly dysfunctional family when the going got tough.’
    • ‘But this year, why not chuck out the chintzy trailing lobelias, begonias, marigolds and petunias, and go for something a little more unusual?’
    • ‘And a few people don't like dated or unstylish fireplaces or chintzy furnishings.’
    • ‘To anybody who has ever endured a caravan holiday in Ireland, mobile homes will always conjure up images of laminate interiors, chintzy furnishings and Travel Scrabble.’
    • ‘For Gloucestershire, a county better known for its chintzy hotels, this is a real departure.’
    • ‘Far more in the traditional chintzy hotel mould than the Old Pines, the rooms are nonetheless more than comfortable.’
    • ‘Something like a polite cocktail party is taking place in a chintzy antechamber to the London Hilton's Grand Ballroom.’
    • ‘It has a walled rose garden, chintzy rooms and splendid food, courtesy of its owners, Monsieur and Madame Nourrisson.’
    • ‘To his left, a be-wigged, rake-thin, old-beyond-his-years type kneels on a chintzy carpet looking across at his elder, not perhaps entirely in awe, but at least a genial grin creases his prematurely lined face.’
    • ‘I filled in a couple of forms before being taken into a plush, chintzy room where I was seen by Josephine, a nurse and the deputy clinic manager.’
    • ‘Apart from one thing: the entire place was filled with vile, chintzy, Sixties decor.’
    • ‘Florals are just as adaptable, ranging from retro-flavoured patterns - think chintzy 1940s tea rooms - to bold blooms and dainty petals.’
    • ‘Inside, the restaurant is still cosy and chintzy, with fresh flowers and gleaming silverware.’
    • ‘Another good option is the Santa Lucia, a beautifully restored 18 th-century palazzo which is spoiled only by the management's choice of chintzy decor and over-fussy floral curtains in the guest rooms.’
    1. 1.1 Brightly colorful but gaudy and tasteless.
      • ‘One of the highlights of ‘Facts of Life’ was ‘Straight life’, a brilliant take on the soulnessness of chintzy English suburbia.’
      • ‘On the controversial question of the Big Day we both knew exactly what we did not want: no chintzy hotel reception, no long wedding lists or preparations, no drama, and definitely no wedding cake.’
      • ‘I think we took some chintzy ornament as like a souvenir, keepsake sort of thing.’
      • ‘The bed's a bit chintzy, but who cares when bathtime promises such fun?’
      • ‘The effects are chintzy, the creature is uninteresting, and the story incredibly placid.’
      • ‘Of course, there are some ‘nevers’: Red roses are too romantic; pink carnations are simply chintzy.’
      • ‘Chic wineries are springing up in western Loudoun, and Rosenstrauch is hoping to capitalize on what he calls ‘entertainment farming’ - chintzy farmers markets for the city folk from out East.’
      • ‘Imagine, if you will, the most chintzy, fussy, mock-antique kitchen, with anything that doesn't move covered with an ornamental doily.’
      • ‘It is elaborate and disorderly and yet sober: it is not chintzy or kittenish or whimsical or ‘feminised.’’
      • ‘The entire room was lilac and lavender and was filled with chintzy furniture and elaborate draperies.’
      • ‘A call to owner Robert afterwards revealed he has plans to revamp the chintzy restaurant area, which I was glad to hear.’
      • ‘Three thousand wasps were released into the chintzy holiday islands of the Florida Keys last week, to devour a plant parasite called the pink hibiscus mealy bug.’
      • ‘So it's goodbye to chintzy bedspreads, and hello to pale wood headboards, sultry low-lit bathroom marble, capacious glass walk-in showers and whacking wicker furniture.’
      • ‘This sort of thing can be cloyingly precious, self-indulgently gay, and, in its Freudian undertones and chintzy neo-Victorianism, very 1950s.’
      • ‘I didn't recall those cartoons as being wonderful but I also didn't recall them being quite that chintzy.’
  • 2North American informal Cheap and of poor quality.

    • ‘The quality of the components is super, although with some chintzy artwork.’
    • ‘The audio equipment they all used was pretty good - no chintzy earbud headphones or $40 PC speakers - and varied from studio monitor headphones to pricy home theater equipment.’
    • ‘She dropped her keys into a chintzy ceramic elephant that sat on a thrift-shop lacquer table by the front door.’
    • ‘Yes, the actors are all amateurish and the effects chintzy.’
    • ‘The designs usually range from the tacky to the chintzy, though they do have some clever ideas from time to time.’
    • ‘We give you advice on how to save money without getting a chintzy PC.’
    • ‘The stereo mix is hollow and just sounds chintzy.’
    • ‘But when I got home and sorted through all the unwanted prizes I'd amassed - things that would look chintzy in a CrackerJack box - a Millie mini-book fell out.’
    • ‘Count to ten; here comes Gnat, now wearing a New York Yankees baseball cap, backwards, with some chintzy plastic bling around her next, a Nerf gun in her hand.’
    • ‘On the technical side the production is adequate, but I could have wished for a less chintzy starlit sky effect and canned sound that didn't sound so canned.’
    • ‘Through the chintzy lace curtains I watched the father walk past again, with a woman, heard goodbyes and thank you's.’
    • ‘Plus his girlfriend moved here, so he tagged along to live in a chintzy duplex near the Jean-Talon Market.’
    • ‘The rest of the effects look chintzy and cheap, a vast difference from the sprawling look of the first movie.’
    • ‘And they're not exactly paradigms of design: The chintzy plastic casings looked as if they'd been jerry-rigged to accept USB plugs.’
    • ‘The cover art looks chintzy and thrown together.’
    • ‘But if the e-tailer goes chintzy or cheap, there will be trouble.’
    • ‘But these aren't chintzy, rinky-dink novelties.’
    • ‘The optical drive's flimsy spring-loaded door is very chintzy.’
    • ‘In fact, I'd talk at length about the actors if there was anything to talk about - every single one comes off as strange and one-dimensional due to the chintzy voice over work provided by lesser talent.’
    • ‘I hope folks demand refunds for those chintzy hats and mugs you're hawking.’
    flashy, pretentious, gaudy, tawdry, trashy, garish, brummagem, loud, tinselly, cheap, tasteless, kitschy
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    1. 2.1 Miserly.
      ‘a chintzy salary increase’
      • ‘Roast suckling pig might evoke the same lip-smacking if it wasn't such a chintzy portion.’
      • ‘Only, the money pledged seems a little chintzy, given the needs, and the precedents.’
      • ‘As it is, the money is already pretty chintzy: $2 per person, in crisp one dollar bills, with the unpaid promise that you're helping to program radio stations in your area.’
      • ‘In the U.S., small usually means chintzy so I didn't expect much.’