Definition of chinois in US English:



  • A cone-shaped sieve with a closely woven mesh for straining sauces.

    • ‘Add juice to heavy cream and strain through a chinois.’
    • ‘I tried three kinds of strainers: a stainless steel single-mesh strainer, a reinforced double-mesh strainer, and a fine-mesh chinois.’
    • ‘Once we taste duck, we chinois and reduce furiously in four fresh pans.’
    • ‘Drain in a colander set over a bowl, then shell the mussels before straining the juice carefully through a double muslin or chinois.’
    • ‘Reduce to about four cups of liquid and then strain through a chinois.’
    • ‘We had a choice of vegetarian couscous, stuffed vine leaves, turkey dinner and paté chinois.’
    • ‘The easiest and most effective way to strain through a chinois, or china cap, is to use a small 1 or 2 oz ladle.’
    • ‘Its typical conical shell has earned it the name chapeau chinois in France.’