Definition of Chinese red in US English:

Chinese red


  • A vivid orange-red.

    • ‘She lifted out the coat, a deep, elegant Chinese red far more striking and beautiful than the catalogue picture.’
    • ‘The room is of high quality with distinctive Chinese red carpet.’
    • ‘The vivid backsplash is enameled metal painted a Chinese red; a satin-finished stainless steel countertop caps a long island that partially screens the appliances and sink.’
    • ‘She hopped into a plain black dress and snatched a Chinese red shawl before driving off.’
    • ‘And with Chinese red comes all manner of Chinese-influenced decor, which also matches her desire to have something dramatic and to incorporate black as well.’
    • ‘Simple black and white colors with Chinese red and blue accents are most common in this theme.’
    • ‘Dresses can be in classic and graceful Chinese red, bronze and coffee.’
    • ‘For a striking effect, try pairing celery green with a darker, richer color: a Chinese red, a deep maroon, or a royal blue.’
    • ‘Unlike Chinese red, tomato red is not quite as bright, having more orange and white than does a true bright red.’
    • ‘While some reds seem harsh in their brightness - such as Chinese red - brick red has enough warm brown tones in it to subdue the sharpness of the bright red.’
    • ‘You don't want to pair a bright yellow with a dark maroon, and you don't want a yellow that's heavy with green tones paired with a Chinese red.’
    • ‘Given this, and the fact that the entrance hall had been painted Chinese red, my mounting misgivings did not seem wholly unfounded.’
    • ‘While a maroon has more blue than Chinese red, and tomato red more orange, Chinese red is simply one thing - red!’
    • ‘The inside of their home is a kaleidoscope of daring shades - Chinese red, cantaloupe, mustard yellow, deep purple, vibrant green.’
    • ‘Women in Chinese red, cotton-filled coats, red lanterns hung along the street, delicious local food sold in small restaurants and also crowded market providing novelties… two days is not long.’
    • ‘Kim likes Chinese red in the kitchen, Tiffany box blue in the bathroom, fuchsia in the hallway.’